The podcasts recommended by CEOs

Corporate leaders share their podcast favourites, from TED Talks to daily business updates.

Podcasts continue to ride a wave of popularity, and business leaders are among the many enthusiastic listeners.

AFR BOSS magazine asked some of them to nominate the podcasts that inspired them in 2019.

Jake Klein, executive chairman Evolution Mining

NYT journalists do some incredibly interesting investigative journalism, and each day they release a 30-minute podcast covering a significant global issue. In June, they did an excellent five-part series called “Can liberal democracy survive in Europe?”

This is a good way to keep up with the latest business news each day.

Also, I will listen to just about any podcast that features Daniel Kahneman (and there are a number of them), the best-selling author and Nobel prize-winner whose work on decision making is so insightful and useful in identifying biases and traps when making decisions.

Lisa Claes, CEO CoreLogic

A Rare interview with Reclusive Polymath, Tim Ferriss interviews Jim Collins.

This interview provides an insight into what Jim Collins has been up to in the two decades since his seminal book Good to Great was penned, his life philosophies and current projects. He is a charming high achiever.

Jeanne Johns, CEO Incitec Pivot

I’m trying to find the time to get more into podcasts and expand my library. This year I enjoyed dipping into interesting TED Talks, and Susan Cain’s The Power of Introverts was a standout.

It’s one I think all leaders should listen to, to get a better understanding of a different type of diversity, especially in what has become the age of extroverts.

Harvard Business Review’s After Hours has a great variety of topics, covering everything from the debate about a US wealth tax to the NBA’s clash with China and whether mounting criticism over Amazon’s business is justified.

I also continue to enjoy The Economist Intelligence Unit with its global perspective, even if it (incorrectly) chose Vienna over Melbourne in its 2019 Global Liveability Index.

Andy Penn, CEO Telstra

Cyber Security Weekly, by MySecruity Media.

This helps keep me up to speed with the latest developments in the cyber risk landscape and technologies.

Mark Steinert, CEO Stockland

NAB Morning Call

This provides a great update on what’s happening, particularly in North America and Europe. It’s useful to get that, especially in the morning. They have key economists and people from treasury and investment banks talking about money markets. Lately, they’ve been focused on Brexit and the trade wars.

Elizabeth Gaines, CEO Fortescue Metals Group

Inside Bill's Brain, Netflix.

Not a podcast, but this Netflix documentary provided a captivating insight into Bill Gates’ personal history and his approach to business and philanthropy.

Elsewhere, Fortescue’s founder and chairman, Andrew Forrest, recently gave a TED Talk, A radical plan to end plastic waste, which is a must-watch for anyone interested in this global environmental issue and committed to saving our oceans.

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