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- Access exclusive high growth investment property for your clients


- RP data and PIA reports on request


- Advanced sales and marketing strategies to source investor clients


- Turn key Innovative Training workshops


- Professional advice by expert industry leaders


- Commission structure and benefits


Marketing & New Client Acquisition 

- Leading edge Vemail platform provided to associate members


- Access to proven templates and systems to generate new clients


- At cost B2B client appointments for associate members


- New client aquisition training modules and workshops


- Internet markerting - how you can become part of this explosive growth


- New client appointments and customer profiling service



Consulting Services


- What's your business actually worth? Will you sell on book value or EBITDA? We can help!


- Niche growth services – which track should you actually focus on to gain maximum growth


- High return customer profiling – we show how this makes a huge difference


- Strategy and analysis workshops – we show how to strategise on your business, reduce hours work and increase profitability


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