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Your Life Goal Checklist for 2017

Whether it's saving for the purchase of a home, planning to jet set to new places, or connecting with distant loved ones, increased connectivity is helping make dreams come true. According to the nbn™ Digital Dream Report, gaining financial freedom, having a better work-life balance, improving personal wellbeing and attaining more life experiences are top of the nation’s life goal checklist. Life coach, Wellness Entrepreneur and busy mother of two, Lyndall Mitchell says, “Technology and access to fast broadband is re-defining the way we go about achieving the ‘Great Aussie Dream’. No matter what age we are, increased connectivity means we are able to harness the latest online tools to turn our lifestyle hopes and aspirations into reality. Whether it’s starting an online business, or connecting with family online to experience life’s precious moments, we no longer have excuses to compromise any of the key ingredients in achieving our ideal lifestyle.” Following are the top unachieved life goals on the nation’s checklists according to the nbn™ Digital Dream Report: FIND BALANCE & BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE Topping the wish list is the desire to be debt free (42 per cent) with over a third of Aussies longing to own their own home (34 per cent). Now with access to fast broadband, Aussies can make an e-change out of the city to more affordable regional areas, while staying connected to family and friends. UP-SKILL & BECOME AN EXPERT Aussies are still striving to achieve work-life balance (27 per cent); with access to fast broadband and flexible working arrangements, working from home is allowing the nation to cut down on commuter times. Find out how connectivity is helping Australians achieve more work-life balance in this special report. Just under one in six of Australians want to become an expert in their field (14 per cent); now with online education courses enabling people to up-skill from their lounge room, the playing field is more even than ever – whether you live in the city or regionally. BE PRESENT FOR LIFE EXPERIENCES As a nation we are missing out on key life events such as seeing loved ones get married (13 per cent) and raising a family (14 per cent); with increased access to fast broadband at home, now no matter where you live, witnessing a child’s first steps or a loved one say ‘I do’ becomes a possibility thanks to high definition video conferencing. PRIORITISE RELATIONSHIPS Finding that perfect life partner is still on the list for some Aussies (18 per cent) as is keeping in touch with old friends (13 per cent); thanks to social media, video chat applications and the plethora of online dating sites, finding that special loved one and keeping up-to-date with friends all over the country can now be done online. Email for more information, referral fees and login request. Brokers Equity are change management and growth consultants which spe

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